My Girls (step by step)

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My Girls (step by step)

Post by Sjak on Tue Apr 29, 2008 9:52 pm

REF: Knovos

Hi all,

I finished a new painting and want to show you how I did it.

I'm working with Holbein White and Etac black (PS). I primed a canvas with several layers of black gesso. From time to time I spray extended air (extender) to prevent the paint sucks to much.

The technique I use is always the same. I took a few shots preparing this painting.

Burning holes in the paper with a hot soldering iron on the reference lines.

Blow some light paint true the holes to get them on any surface.

The reference photo is on my laptop. Lets start airbrushing looking thousand times at my laptop and the new painting. The stipples are rough but exact the good locations so its possible to achieve a good likeness.

In the beginning the paint is sucking a lot because of the gesso. It gives me a lot of opportunity's to find the right lines and details, when it feels good I spray with extender to set the paint and put the next layers.

You can see I want to see results right away, so I'm working with three guns loaded, two with paint, the third with extender. I make the nose area very white in a value the white dots are hardly to see. With some light gray I make the first contours of the nose. Next step is to go back to the eye to fix some overspray and ad some more details. Then I want to make some extra lines on her mouth with a white pencil, the white dots are not clear enough for me to see where to put all the tiny shades.

Put some details on the eye section, not satisfied but its oké for this moment.

Some extra reference lines. This mouth is not easy so...

Above the pencils I use for the extra reference lines. I use the pastel pencil voor high lighting spots and the regular white pencel (caran d'ache) for the reference lines.

sprayed white paint over the reference lines to fade them as much as possible.

My first moves for here mouth. She prim out here lips to look like a model or something. A pose thirteen year old girls often make for the mirror:D

Some additional corrections.
Put some tiny black shades under the high lights on her lips.
Next step is to make the right eye.

Oops, too little reference spots over here.
No problem, I just have to pull back my flip over master sheet.

I can always use this flip over sheet when things go wrong.
Have a look what went wrong on that eye section.

Ah, not enough holes burned and there are several holes to small to blow paint trough.

I'm to lazy to turn on my burner. Its easy to make some more holes with an old airbrush needle and make the smal holes bigger.
Make also some extra reference lines with a white pencil and spray a first blotchy layer, just to get the parts on the right place.

I take my freedom to change details in my own advantage. Some details in the reference photo are so unclear and blurred it has no use to create them into the painting. In a photo it is all acceptabel but if you copy it exactly in a painting you get the effect 'What the hell is that guy doing there'.

This first girl looks already good for me. It gives me the feeling the whole painting is going to be great. Thats why its so important for me to get directly some good results. Even if its better so make a background first I won't do that.

Draw some extra reference lines for the face of her sister.

Some rough white spray, just to get a certain underground.

The left eye a little more detailed.

First strokes of hair

For the strokes I use my AB only. Deluted Etac black (PS) with water, cyan, magenta, to get rid of the brown tint.

One of the advantages of working with white is when you make some very thin strokes on the black it looks very fast like real hair.

I don't think you learn a lot from this pictures. You see how it all build up but thats it. A video should be much better. You must see how I spray, when my AB clogs etc... I don't have a video camera.

I did some more hair and wanted to make some jewellery.

Over here you see the reference lines for the jewellery.
I decided to spray it al over with white to get a good
underground for the whole skin of here neck.

Put my reference sheet flipover back again to spray the reference lines again on the white neck.

flip my sheet away to the back side of the canvas and look at my new reference lines.

A lot of contrast but I leave it for now until I have finished all the jewellery. It is not realistic enough but like I said before the final detailing comes at the end.

I decided to whiten all te stuff down under.
I'm using only opaque paint but the right order
to do things is:
1.the large white areas
2.detaling the clothes
3.finish the hair
4.the jewellery

I sprayed first a dark line and put some white stiches with a smal brush. Then turn it down with some gray paint.

Like you see in all the pictures there is a lot off shifting in all kind off tints. Some shifting I like some not. I will fix that to in the end I want to achieve a final picture with all the elements, then it comes on more detailing en repairing.

I hope you like this 'How to'.

kind regards,


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