Flames on Scooter (step by step)

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Flames on Scooter (step by step)

Post by Sjak on Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:00 pm

REF: Sjak

How To: Flame a "Aprillia" SR World Wide Winner.

This is the result

The parts like i get them:

Sand the fist part of objects. These parts wil get the flames:

Add the green primer on it:


repair some parts:

Add the pinstripe colour (black)

The 2 different kind of ABS. I select it it to add the right primer on it.

The results of the test tell me that these parts must spray into the green fosfor primer.

I need this to add the flames/graphix

sand the black and now its ready to add the tape:

add the tape on the parts

The other parts into a other primer:

Blasting the wheels with Aluminiumn Korund:

Fosfor Primer

Creme Base-Coat

The owner want some red in it? So i do that:

Clearcoat the first layer, sand it and add the second layer and into the oven 120C (10 minutes).

Add the red Base.

Base the parts and also 2 times clear it.

The clear must be add on the Base coat after 15 minutes but before 15 ours.

Add the Magic 3M tape

Cut the tape on the pinstripe

And remove the tape (outside the flame)

Add the base creme colour:

Add the shadow

Remove the tape on the flames

Everything is done and its ready to add the first clear

The parts ready

The complete "Aprillia SR WWW"



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